It’s all about the content: the secret of the Inspiration Booklet



Inspiring content for Belgian Meeting Planners

Well, ladies and gents. We’ll tell you why this booklet is so popular: simply because it reminds the user of the great content they witnessed at the Inspiration Seminar. All ideas, hotels and venues mentioned during the Inspiration Seminar are listed here. And people appreciate our selection of new & original ideas - we are not kidding you, we have proof of it: check out our testimonial videos from the 2011 and 2012 edition.

We tell new stories at the seminar. We tell captivating stories. We tell stories the attendants want to hear (we do research all year round). And that is how we touch our audience of corporate decision makers year after year. And that is why they ardently wish to keep a useful souvenir of an event that inspired them. 

Take this for granted: it is all about the content. Not about the medium. Not about the device. Not about online or offline. Not about old school or high-tech communication. It is about what you have to tell them that touches them or connects with what they want.

Your conversation management plan?

So, do you know what Belgian corporate meeting & incentive planners want to hear from you in 2014? And do you have a plan already on how to tell them? If not, contact us at, and we will help you tell your story to Belgian buyers in 2014.