Badhotel Renesse sponsors loyalty card campaign for Total’s East Flanders petrol stations

In the heart of East Flanders, Total is currently running an ongoing loyalty campaign at three of its petrol stations (Wetteren, Zottegem, Zingem). The concept was developed by The Marketing Group, a partner company of Tourism Marketing Group. This campaign was previously combined with a hotel promotion.

As a tourist industry player, you can be the next sponsor of this campaign and gain fantastic visibility with participating Total customers. Allow us to explain using the concrete example of previous sponsor Badhotel Renesse in 2017.

What role did Badhotel Renesse play in this campaign?

  • Badhotel Renesse gave away an enviable two-day package, including wellness treatments and a discount voucher for dinner. Participating Total customers that missed out on the grand prize could still avail of a 20% discount on their next stay at the hotel.
  • Badhotel Renesse paid a set-up fee of 495 euro, excl. VAT for this campaign.    

What did Badhotel Renesse get in return?

Two months of constant visibility. They got the guaranteed attention of the loyalty card holders since the campaign was promoted heavily, with Badhotel Renesse always remaining central.


Interested in running a similar campaign for your destination or hotel?

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On its busiest days, Total’s station in Wetteren serves up to 900 in-store visitors. The average footfall in other stations is around 350-400.