Tourist Inform has produced for the website, an initiative of Grinta, Flanders’ largest biking community, a set of landing pages about cycling tours in some twenty destinations. These pages are of rather general descriptive content with added editorial-journalistic input and not meant to highlight any specific tour offer. They possess just the right complement of key words without a hint of mechanical resonance, are generously provided with titles and tags, etc …

Editorially strong landing pages as enticements for the search engine

These pages are therefore not readily located via the ordinary navigation within the site itself, but they do possess a high SEO value so that they can rapidly be discovered via the search engine. In this manner, they contribute to the website’s reading optimisation, since from that point you will quickly surf to the real bookable offering that is meant to ultimately grab your attention.

The pages are neatly indexed in a sitemap . Quickly bike to them!

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